Making of Signature Clothes


from plant

Farmers spend roughly 5 months to produce cotton from plant. Cotton fibre surrounds the seeds of cotton plant. Cotton fibre has a special natural property that makes it easy to spin into strong thread.

Strong yarn

Cotton fibre is not strong in its raw state. It needs to be twisted or spun to make it into a strong yarn. Once the cotton fibre is spun into yarn. It can be woven or knitted into cloth.

Cotton cloth

Next the cotton cloth is ready to be dyed, printed or embroidered into colourful fashion fabric sheet. Cotton is uniquely versatile. It can be fashionable and luxurious, or practical and utilitarian. These sheets of clothes are then tailored to perfection to be worn by you!

Styling and Stitching

Cotton cloth once styled is then cut and stiched to perfection. Each garment is then washed, ironed ready to be used.